Copplestone Garden Club

For our keen gardeners the dry and mild April weather has spurred them on to get busy with their own gardens resulting in spare seeds and plants being shared with other members.

The season got off to a good start with James of the Plant Shed joining us for our monthly meeting in February to take a Garden Question and Answer session.  A well attended meeting meant a good variety of questions were asked with plenty of discussion and sharing of experiences and tips.  Questions ranged from how best to grow Sweet Peas and suggestions for rabbit proof plants.  James offered to do another Q & A event with us later in the year.

Our summer garden competition for members this year is to raise summer flowering bulbs and compare our hopefully magnificent results in July/August.  Bulbs being grown are Ixia, Brodiara (miniature Agapanthus) and Sparaxis Harlequin.

The Garden Club members are planning a visit to either a NGS or Hospiscare Open Gardens event in June, we will be looking to visit a group of gardens or a village open event. Finishing of course with tea and cake to chat about the gardens on show.

The Station Friends from the Garden Club got together a working party to remove an old fence between the station platform’s Geranium Bee Border and a neighbouring gardening. It was a day of hard work for those involved but the result has created a much more open and light border where a greater variety of bee friendly plants can be planted.  As another bonus train users will benefit from late afternoon sun in the winter.

The platform has also benefited from the addition of a new wooden planter for growing herbs. It’s a large planter with careful consideration having to be given to its siting due to railway regulations and the need for maintenance of the newly installed platform lighting, James (Plant Shop) has generously offered to provide Variegated Lemon Balm, Prostrate Rosemary and Tarragon plants and will replace these annually or as needed.   Along with herbs provided from group members we now have a good selection including one mint deliciously named Berries and Cream. When the herbs are well established villagers are welcome to snip modest amounts of herbs for their own kitchen use as this will keep the plants a good size.

Copplestone Garden Club meets monthly on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in The Cross Pub and new members are welcome.  Summer meeting dates are 21st June, 19th July and 16th August.

Ann Downer