Credfest – Witch at the East Town Cafe

Our show WITCH is an original historical drama written by our own Tracey Norman, a qualified historian. It follows the story of a destitute healer/midwife as she faces her accuser and the local magistrate to defend herself against an accusation of witchcraft. The play is entirely history-focused – there is no mention of devil worship, devil pacts, torture, interrogation, familiars and the like. The characters are fictitious, but everything that occurs has been drawn from extensive research into real depositions of witch trials – everything that happens in it happened at some point to a real person. Set in the early Elizabethan period, the play is a study of the persecution of women and also deals with how other sociological factors of the time would have played into people’s daily lives, such as land enclosures and religious upheaval. Ultimately, the question the audience must ask themselves, however, is: … is she, or isn’t she? This is not a linear journey from A to B with a character whose guilt/innocence is clearly defined. The play was written to stimulate discussion and all three characters have grey areas which encourage the audience to form their own opinions.

The play is approximately 55 minutes long and is usually followed by a discussion with the cast of the issues and topics covered in the play. Having opened last year at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, it has since toured to great success around Cornwall, Devon and the surrounding area. We’re excited to bring it to Credfest and we hope to have piqued your interest.

Our performances are on 7th, 10th, 11th and 14th June at various times. You can find more information about the show and book tickets for WITCH by following this link: or by phoning our venue, the East Town Cafe – Devon’s smallest pop-up theatre – on 01363 895079.

More information about the ethos behind, and background of WITCH can be found at