Emergency Contacts

Your PCSO is Nicola Payne


Useful numbers, other agencies
Other emergency services

  • NHS Choices 111
  • Cornwall Fire 0300 1234232
  • Devon & Somerset Fire Service 01392 872200

These numbers are for non emergency calls requiring advice or information, any life or death emergencies should be dealt with by using the 999 system and asking for Fire or Ambulance.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Office (EHO) at the local council deal with noise nuisance (such as loud parties, noisy neighbours etc) no matter what time of day or night it occurs. 101 can be called to take a log of the details and we will advise the local Neighbourhood Policing Team for their information. Air pollution from bonfires and hyperdermic needles found in public places are also dealt with by EHO, as well as fly-tipping, unless the offender is currently at the scene and then the Police will attend.

Council Parking Enforcement

The county councils employ traffic enforcement officers who deal with vehicles parked on double yellow lines or not abiding by parking rules, unless the vehicle is causing a danger or obstruction where it is located when the Police will assist.

Cornwall: 03001234100
Devon: 0345 155 1075 (Customer call centre Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 9am – 1pm)

Lost and Found Dogs / Excessive Barking

The Dog Warden at the local council deal with lost or found dogs unless the dog is causing an immediate danger to members of the public or is on a public highway, when Police will attend.

Cornwall: 03001234212
East Devon: 01395 516551 (9-5pm) 08452417253 OOH
Exeter: 01392 265155 (8.30-5pm Mon – Fri) 08453511060 (sat-sun 10-9pm)
Mid Devon: 01884 255255 (24H)
North Devon: 01271 388870 (9-5pm) 01271 388240 (OOH)
Plymouth: 01752 304147 (9-5pm) No OOH
South Hams: 01803 861234 (8-5pm) 01803 867034 (OOH)
Teignbridge: 01626 215859 (Mon to Thurs 8.30-5pm) 01395 516854 OOH
Torbay: 01803 208025 (9-5pm) 01803 550405 (OOH)
Torridge: 01237 428810 (8.45-5.15) 01237 428700 (OOH)
West Devon: 01822 813600 (msg taking facility OOH)

Action Fraud 0300 1232040

This organization deal with all matters of fraud in the first instance unless the suspect is known to the victim or the victim is considered vulnerable, in which case your local police will deal with it on 101.

Consumer Direct 08454 040506

  • If you feel you have been treated unfairly or have a dispute regarding a matter with a company or business, this is a Civil Matter and can usually be dealt with by Consumer Direct.
  • The Citizens Advice consumer service took over responsibility for providing consumer advice and information from Consumer Direct.
  • The Citizens Advice consumer service provides free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues. Visit www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/consumer_e.htm or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) / get a solicitor

  • 08444 99 44 101 (Exeter) Devon CAB
  • 0844 82 69 717 (Plymouth) Plymouth CAB
  • 0844 49 94 188 (Truro) Cornwall CAB

Citizens Advice Bureau is a charity that can give information and assistance with civil matters such as separations and divorce issues over property or child custody, or legal matters that are not of a criminal nature.

Devon and Cornwall Rough Sleepers Partnership 0800 1513441

  • For help with issues for people who are homeless and need assistance with somewhere to stay and places to go for help, as well as the Salvation Army if they have facilities in that area.

Samaritans 0845 7909090 or free number is 116123

  • For help and advice or just someone to talk to about personal circumstances that they may feel they cannot talk to friends or family regarding.


  • 03001234999 (24h National number)
  • 01392 439898 (Local)
  • 01392 439898 (To report Oil Covered Birds)

The RSPCA is a charity that deals with animals that are in serious neglect or danger and where there are welfare concerns. During extreme heat waves, Police will assist with calls from the public regarding dogs in hot cars where the animal is distressed or in danger.

Britain’s Railways

British Transport Police BTP – 0800 40 50 40 – For incidents that occur on Britain’s Railways including lost and found property. http://www.btp.police.uk/contact_us.aspx

  • Cornwall: 0300 1234212
  • East Devon: 01395 517457 (9-5pm) 01395 516854 (OOH: out of office)
  • Exeter: 01392 265147 (24hr) 01392 723999 (UNI Security 24h)
  • Mid Devon: 01884 244601 (9-5pm) 01884 255255 (OOH)
  • North Devon: 01271 388870
  • Plymouth 01752 304147 (Mon- Fri 8:30am to 5pm) 01752 668000 all other hours.
  • email public.protection@plymouth.gov.uk
  • South Hams: 01803 861234 (9-5pm) 01803 867034 (msg talking facility)
  • Teignbridge: 01626 215415 (9-5pm) 01395 516854 (OOH)
  • email ehealth@teignbridge.gov.uk
  • Torbay: 01803 208091 (9-5pm) 01803 550405 (OOH)
  • Torridge: 01237 428810 (8.45-5.15pm) 01237 423700 (OOH)
  • West Devon: 01822 813600 (8.45-5.15pm Mon-Thur) 01237 428700 (OOH)