Your Local Neighbourhood Police Report

Thank you for your welcome over the past year. I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to meet members of your community. Copplestone is a busy village, with low crime figures. The following crimes were recorded between 1st September and 8th November:

2 x burglaries (from allotments)

1 x assault causing actual bodily harm

1 x use of threatening/abusive threatening words

1 x concerned in the production of controlled drugs

1 x common assault

1 x theft from shop

Alongside the crimes recorded we have dealt with a few road related issues, incidents involving low level anti-social behaviour and concerns for welfare. None of which will have affected the wider community.

National Road Safety Week took place in November when we spent time addressing various road safety issues. This included both the detection of offences and education of road users. With the cold weather in these winter months and greater hours of darkness please take every precaution to ensure your vehicle is ready for the conditions. Please take time to talk to your children about being safe when using the roads.

We advise people to take care when shopping and when they leave their homes unoccupied.  Do not leave items on show in your car or within your house, this is an invitation for someone to help themselves. Keep your valuables secure and keep an eye on your wallet, purse or handbag when in busy shopping areas. We have had burglaries across the area so please be mindful of anyone that may call at your door. Do not give information regarding the time members of your household will be home and do not talk about neighbours that may give away any times or reasons for them or their property to be vulnerable.

Please remember as always not to drink and drive over the festive season. It really is not worth the risk.  If you are taking a long journey over Christmas keep warm clothing or blankets in the car along with water and a fully charged mobile phone with you if you have one. Let the person you are visiting know the route you are going to take and what time you intend to arrive. We received several calls last year regarding missing people who simply got lost on the way or who changed plans without telling the people that were expecting them!

Going into 2018 I wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Please look out for each other and if you see anything that you are unhappy about or that worries you, please get in touch.  You can speak to a local officer, call us on 101, email or via  to contact me direct.

PCSO Nicola Payne

Crediton Neighbourhood Policing Team